Started on April 1st 2006, just some friends making noise in Gordon’s shop in Southeast. Straight outta Portland, by way of parts unknown!

Original line-up consisted of Jason “Wyatt” Todd(vocals/bass/guitar/sax/harp), Drew Westergren(guitar/vocals/bass) Joe McKey(now Johansen)(junkitt/bass/guitar/vocals/keys/keytar) Sarah Gwen(guitar/vocals) Elizabeth Armstrong(now Decker)(drums) Reed Mogil(vox/bass)

Bad Move played their 1st show June 15th 2006 at Ash Street in Portland with a line-up of Wyatt(bass/vocals/sax/guitar, Drew(guitar/vocals), Joe(guitar/vocals/bass), & Elizabeth(drums) for our good friend Melanie Clow’s birthday. A few years and dozens of shows later, the second long-term line-up: Wyatt(vocals/sax/harp), Drew(guitar/vocals) Pee-Wee(aka-Brian Alamia)(bass/keytar) Bob Raymond(drums) played for a couple years. Around 2008, Cory Hartze(drums) came onboard. Sandi Leeper(keys/keytar/vocals/bass) & Ben Lichtenstein(bass) joined in 2009.  This line-up played many shows for several years, recorded a few songs with Jim Hage at Fidelity Unlimited studios in north Portland. We even built a music video for Drive Like A Cop with Matt & Nicole Montana. Ben moved outta state in 2017 to go back to school. Sandi slide over to the bass(she can play almost anything!) This line-up played several shows(last one on Halloween 2018) and recorded several songs. Sandi left in late 2019 and we brought in Drew’s brother Matt Westergren on bass. Many new songs, merch, projects in the works, see you at the show!

Current line-up: Wyatt(vocals/sax/harp/tambo) Drew(guitar/vocals) Cory(drums) Matt(bass)