Started on April 1st 2006, just some friends making noise in Gordon’s shop in Southeast. Straight outta Portland, by way of parts unknown!

Original line-up consisted of Jason “Wyatt” Todd(vocals/bass/guitar/sax/harp), Drew Westergrenn(guitar/vocals/bass) Joe McKey(now Johansen)(junkitt/bass/guitar/vocals/keys/keytar) Sarah Gwen(guitar/vocals) Elizabeth Armstrong(now Decker)(drums) Reed Mogil(vox/bass)

Bad Move played their 1st show June 15th 2006 at Ash Street in Portland with a line-up of Wyatt(bass/vocals/sax/guitar, Drew(guitar/vocals), Joe(guitar/vocals/bass), & Elizabeth(drums). A few years and dozens of shows later, the second long-term line-up: Wyatt(vocals/sax/harp), Drew(guitar/vocals) Pee-Wee(aka-Brian Alamia)(bass/keytar) Bob Raymond(drums) played for a couple years. Around 2008, Cory Hartze(drums) came onboard. Sandi Leeper(keys/keytar/vocals/bass) & Ben Lichtenstein(bass) joined in 2009.

Current line-up: Wyatt(vocals/sax/harp) Drew(guitar/vocals) Cory(drums) Sandi(bass/vocals/keys)